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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  February 11, 2014 9:30am-10:01am PST

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hi, everybody, i'm beth troutman, it's time for the best videos from the web "right this minute." a guard breaks into a car trying to reach -- >> a 14-week-old child. >> how a crowd saved a baby left in 105-degree heat. it's a spectacular base jump off a cliff. >> you go through the clouds, how do you know what's on the other side? >> you'll find out when he does. not many police chases end with this much gunfire.
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>> about 150 rounds. >> now, newly released dash cam video shows how it all went down. pluz, get the buzzword for your shot for a new ipad mini. and a guy moving a carpet roll tells his pregnant wife to -- >> pick that up. >> honey, grab this side. >> no, she can't grab any side! >> i know, right? >> how people got all steamed over a prank. >> don't let it drag. don't let it drag. not going to lie to you guys, i got two videos you just hate to see. both involving children, both in australia, this first one outside a shopping center in australia. you hear some concerned citizens, lots of people, gathering around this red car. that man standing there that's a security guard at the shopping center. he's carefully breaking that front window. there is a 14-week-old child inside this car. no one else is in the car. and according to reports, it was more than 105 degrees fahrenheit
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on this particular day. >> just, like, oh, i didn't realize my kid was in the car? because that happened before, too. >> i actually have the answer. the security guard does end up getting the child out. the child was unharmed. they did get there quickly enough. the owner of this car told investigators that she had simply forgotten. this wasn't her child. the mother of this child was at homesick. so, she decided to take this child out to give the mother a break and because this was an accident according to this woman no charges are going to be filed. >> you're baby sitting a kid, not something you do every day. aren't you more aware of what's going on? the second video also from australia just bad behavior caught on camera. again, with a child. we're at a train station in sydney. this is surveillance footage. look to the right of the screen a man comes in with a child. >> why would he do that? >> he doesn't let go of the child, but you can imagine this child and other people must have been terrified seeing this. the problem, though, nobody reported this. and officials are now looking
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for him because once they saw this video and once they showed this video to other people, people were astounded. they want to find this guy and question him. >> imagine the conductor of the train. he could have slammed on the brakes. could have caused injuries to people who would have fallen in the train. >> you don't do this in front of a train, a moving train. >> luckily the child was unharmed, but you're absolutely right, things could have gone horribly wrong. i have a base jumping video for you guys. it's not a fail, not a near miss, not faulty equipment. it's very beautifully executed jump in france. this guy here, that's extreme athlete chris mcdougall. he is on a cliff in france. it's absolutely beautiful. you see him here, he is getting ready to go and here he goes, boom, down the cliff. and look at how spectacular the view is.
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>> went through the clouds. you go through the clouds how do you know what's on the other side? that's what freaks me out. >> i'm glad you noticed that because most base jumps between 500 and 1,000 feet but there have been higher, of course. his is 5,000 feet high. >> that's awful. look at that. every time, get so close to things. there's a whole big open space. why do they need to be that close? >> another cool thing is he actually has a ha held camera in his han and helmet and he's other one. we see the valley below with all the trees. beautiful weather. he unzips. gets ready for landing. >> well done. >> and then after. a grand jury recently
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cleared seven police officers involved in this deadly shooting that happened last summer. near columbus, ohio. the video just being released from the investigation. this video from abc 6 shows an officer chasing a vehicle that he believes could have a murder suspect in the car. they initially try to stop this gold suv but that suv does not stop and soon after they start chasing this vehicle, shots are fired from that vehicle. >> are they shooting? >> shots fired. shots fired. 1030. >> in that car is emanuel gatewood he is the murder suspect. the car is being driven by gatewood's girlfriend courtney hahn. >> oh. >> quickly this officer's in trouble. >> i'm hit! i'm hit! >> he peel off to go to the hospital. the other officers regroup. set out a bunch of stop sticks to try to slow this vehicle down. that plan works, and this is how this chase ends --
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a barrage of bullets that you hear following about 150 rounds in the span of about two minutes. most of those bullets coming from those police officers. they had already been shot at. they believe that one of their officers had also been hit by this gunfire. they took no chances as they approach this vehicle. >> oh, wow. >> yeah. >> so what happened to the two inside the car? >> both pronounced dead at the scene. at the beginning i said that one officer believed he was hit. his partner was also in the car. they got to the hospital. they were just struck by flying glass when those bullets hit his car. none of the officers received any serious injuries some, though, are having lasting hearing damage from this intense
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shootout. >> so many people could have been injured as a result of this guy's careless, reckless, deadly behavior. >> when you fire at a group of police officers this is sort of the ending that you expect. >> hey, everybody, we're giving away an ipad mini in just a little while. >> that's right. we'll be giving you the tuesday buzzword and telling you how to enter and win. >> remember, you have to be 18 years old or older and a u.s. resident to enter. >> it's the "rtm" ipad mini giveaway coming up in just a little bit. being alone at sea can be a very scary thing, but even more frightening alone when the winds are like this. this video from the straits in norway and at first he says winds coming from behind. this is some good sailing at this point. this is what you're looking for as a sailor. eventually the winds get to be too strong. you can see his sailboat sort of leaning to the right.
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that's not too terrible, right? watch this now goes quickly from the right to the left to the left and even more so to the point where this thing is nearly flat. look how far tilted to the left this sailboat is. he says he fell down by the steering wheel at this point and just was hanging on. >> if this falls over he's by himself. >> yeah. >> that's the scariest part. he also says one of his sails gets stuck when he's trying to make these changes to try to right thims. now he's in even bigger trouble. here towards the end of the video the sail sort of gets upright but just looking at this sail, you can see how strong the winds are. we're watching the video and i assume this guy got out of this okay, huh? >> he was able to sail to calmer waters and make it to shore safely. >> i get a chill looking at this thing, how cold, how wet, how scary all of this must have been for him. >> that shot where he looked at the water and he is, like, parallel with the water surface,
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that is horrifying. >> yeah. dad takes his son for a ride. >> and the kid is loving it! >> see how this trip has him lighting up. thank goodness it's daylight. >> because this driver gets a surprise roadblock. >> wow. that's nuts! >> the stampede that makes him stop in his tracks. twtwizizzlers biteslllly y d are so soft, c chehewywy, , and with their fruity selves... ththeyey t thihinknk t thihis 'g enough for the both of them. bubut t wewe a assssurure e yoy. bibitetes.s. l litittltle e.
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some of the most fond memories kids can have are going for a ride with dad. here's one a 3-year-old boy in his car seat with dad. ready to go for a little cruise but this kid's really enjoying it. ♪ >> dad is out doing a drifting training session on a race course closed circuit and the kid is loving it! watch him. >> i love his eyes when he realizes what's happening. they go super wide. >> you see him pinned back in the seat. the eyes bug out as dad tosses the car from side to side. he's in a subaru legacy, he's sliding back and forth. the kid looks like he's got extra head bolstering in there to try to keep him in his seat. they have the head restraints you can't bounce around. >> i was wondering why he's in
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the front seat because you're not supposed to have a child that small in the front. it was all for of the drifting ride. >> you got to hope the air bags were disengaged or something because if they did have some kind of accident potentially a rollover or something like that, you don't want him in the front seat. parents could say, not my child! >> dad looks like he knows what he was doing. it's good to hear he was on a closed course. >> this kid will love roller coastersam is day you can tell. >> he'll be a good driver some day. >> when the kid goes home and pukes in mom's lap, the dad is, like, i don't know what happened, we just went out for ice cream. the person who captured this video says it's a good thing this didn't happen at night. i have to agree. look what he comes upon on the highway. >> what is that? are those horses? what are we looking at? >> check out all the elk. >> a gang of elk running across the roadway.
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>> literally hundreds of elk. >> wow, that's nuts! >> so many of them. >> thank goodness it's daylight. >> that took place last april but it is now trending along with this video. >> this is his tenth year in our race. >> now, this race just took place recently but this video is from last year's race. i'm talking about the dogsled race in bayfield, wisconsin, as you can see this dog here really anxious to get going. >> it sounds like he's saying, run, run, run, run! >> oh, it does! >> yeah. you got to have a captain of the team, you know, and he's the lead dog, so team captain's got to give the pep dog. >> run, run, run, run, run, run! >> whoo! oh, my gosh. a little boy claims that a man is trying to abduct him. >> i was with my mom in the
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park. this guy in a jacket, he took me. >> so how do these people react when the man in the jacket shows up on the scene? >> see how far complete strangers will go to help. and do you want an ipad mini? all you need is tuesday's buzzword for your chance to win.
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>> how do these people react when the man in the jacket shows up on the scene? watch. >> can i tell you about this. do not walk away from your mom again, okay? >> what, what, what? >> is this the man? >> yes. >> sir, this is my son, what are you doing? >> yes, it is. come here. >> i'm not allowed to take my son. >> dial your mom's number. >> dial your mom's number. >> what? >> dial your mom's number. dial your mom. >> no. >> get off. >> watch out. >> oh, wow. >> oh. >> he's an everyday hero because he was willing to take this guy on. >> but watch what happens when the guy with the jacket takes a different approach. >> again? i'm his father. yeah, he just ran away from me. >> oh. he scared me. he said some guy tried to put him in the car. >> jeremy? really. sorry about that, sir, have a good day. >> there because the guy was kind of jovial and kidding around this stranger thinks everything's okay. >> you can understand why the little boy would be scared. you could understand why he would lie because the abductor
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guy is right here. this couple, though, watch this couple. >> no, he's saying that you're not his father. >> he's not my father. >> don't -- >> hold on. >> what are you going to do? >> oh. >> oh. >> she pepper sprays this guy. >> this is remarkable. it does showcase how incredible some people are how and how far they're willing to go to help another human being. >> they say here at the end of this video that 30 seconds of bravery could save a family a lifetime of heartache and they kind of put this out of here sort of as an awareness, abducted children are sometimes too scared to say what is happening when the abductor is there. >> you typically only see police cars do this in a movie. this video from two years ago in australia just now released. it all started because a van made an illegal u-turn but the way it ended unbelievable. the two police cars end up crashing into each other.
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one bangs into a bus stop. police say even though the chase was called off the crash happened after that. this race lasted ten minutes. you could see this was a busy area. >> there's got to be something else going on. if you are the kind of person that runs from officers, it's because you are hiding something other than the u-turn. >> police say one of the officers was to blamed. >> what happened with the guy trying to get away? >> they managed to catch him. it was the police helicopter that jumped out after the guy. >> the illegal u-turn will cost you 50 bucks. >> pull over. this police chase had a deadly ending. this video comes from the -- cam of a south carolina highway patrol trooper. brian lam was going to be pulled over because he ran a traffic signal, but instead of pulling over he sped away. during the chase he reached speeds of more than 100 miles per hour, but if you notice all of a sudden he applies his brakes. a passenger jumps out of the car. police still looking for that guy. lam keeps going and a police officer follows him. he follows him after he turns
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onto a narrow dirt road and that's when the officer realizes, do you know what, this is no place where i should be chasing this guy. so, the officer slows down and after he comes around a turn, he finds lam's car has crashed. they did find out that he was driving on a suspended license. >> you hate to see this happen but the fact that it happened on a back dirt road, you know, it's not a neighborhood. >> and just think about it, it was right after he slowed down, he comes around the corner and sees that this car has been in a horrific accident. i would have been surprised if anybody would have survived that. it's time for a little "rtm" ipad mini give away. >> here's the deal you got to be 18 years old and a u.s. resident and most of all you have to have the tuesday buzzword. >> you enter on our facebook page and go to the first post and tap on the mobile link. >> time for the tuesday buzzword, it is arrest. >> now, get on over to and click on the win an ipad mini button. >> and then enter the tuesday
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buzzword arrest a-r-r-e-s-t for your chance to win an ipad mini. >> if you don't win today, we're giving away another ipad mini tomorrow. dude has his pregnant wife doing some manual labor. >> he says go ahead, honey, pick that up. >> let me help you. >> thank you. yeah, honey, get this end here. >> see how this prank touches a nerve with passers by. >> i thought she could use the
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fill your water supply. arrowhead water is only $3.29 a case. and chobani greek yogurt is just a buck. real big deals this week and every week. only at safeway. ingredients for life. anywhere where there's a wall you can do this. >> this is ronnie and ronnie knows what he's doing. this is from his ronnie street stunt youtube channel. he's pulling the matrix kind of run up the wall and flip move and he's going to show you guys how to do it. >> i would like to know how. >> you want to find a wall that will be pretty grippy.
9:56 am
>> you need a grippy wall. >> this has the rough carpeted material so the grip is actually pretty good. >> he goes into a lot of detail about the wall. >> you don't need a ton of speed just a little bit of momentum to push you against the wall and back off of it. >> he makes it look simple but the thing is this is, like, a risky thing to try with everybody. you can be super athletic. >> but you got to take risks, if you want to do par course this is where you start. >> it's a good wall. momentum. you have to really be able to do a backflip because that's the key part. >> not even close. ♪ valentine's day is right around the corner but do you know who is not getting the sweetest, best husband award
9:57 am
that day? jack veils. look what he's making his wife do. can i add not just his wife his pregnant wife. >> let me help. >> honey the other end over here. >> no. >> what's that? >> she can't grab this. >> wait a second, i got to tie my shoe. honey, grab this side. >> no, she can't grab any side! >> she's got it. please don't. no, i'm serious, don't worry about it, she's fine. >> oh, no, carrying heavy stuff and it looks like she's in this video nine months pregnant. >> ready to pop. >> yeah, they're trying to move a roll of carpeting and he says go ahead, honey, pick that up. >> all right. >> i got it. ready? >> don't let it drag. don't let it drag. >> let me help you. thanks. thank you. thank you. appreciate it. >> yeah, honey, get this end here. >> can you believe it? oh, my god. >> is she really pregnant? or is she wearing something? >> she's not pregnant, she's
9:58 am
wearing a fake belly. >> what are you going to do? what are you going to do? i am going to drive it home. i thought she could use the exercise. >> no, absolutely not. >> are you serious? >> i'm about to pop. >> it looks like it has to for sure. >> i think i might have punched jack. >> i would have. >> we're shooting a hidden camera prank to see what you guys would do. >> oh, you guys! >> see what people will do and i stand by and watch and see what happens. >> you were being a jerk, right? >> you are so sweet. >> everybody gets a good laugh out of it. the relief. >> go down a little bit lower. don't be a baby. that's our show, everybody. thanks for joining us and we'll see you for the next edition of "right this minute." worst morning ever.
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